Easter Memories

I was at my mom’s house helping her get over pneumonia a few weeks ago, and she asked did I want an Easter dress. I laughed and immediately thought about the annoying white hats with the string under my chin […]

Happy Leap Year

Well today is February 29th, which means this is a leap year. I often wondered why we had a leap year when I was younger, but never really got an answer that eased my curiosities. After reading the reason behind […]


No we’re not talking bologna, we’re talking the biggest award show honoring actors/actresses, directors, producers, and crews in┬áthe movie industry. If you’ll be home watching the show, try these cocktails for your Oscars watch party. Each drink representing the letters […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you all are having a great Valentine’s Day! Filled with love and maybe even a good time. I think love should be celebrated everyday with the ones you love, but there’s nothing wrong with a day to go […]

Vintage Modern Decor

I love being creative with everything from food to decorating my surroundings. I love patterns, color, and texture. I collaborated with a company that specializes in vintage decor for the home, Chairish. But who says design and decor stops in […]