Pinspiration: Home Design Details

Design is something that can be translated thousands of ways. Design means something different to everyone. Design is subjective. I would like to think my design style is vintage modern. I love clean lines and open spaces, but I love […]

In the Kitchen

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and we have to take care of our hearts so they keep us alive and well. That is why we have agreed that the kitchen is going to be […]

Bedroom Zen

I got the urge to decorate a space, and what better space to start with than your own. So I have some projects I want to do specifically all over the house, but I think I am going┬áto start with […]

Headboard or No Headboard

When choosing a bedroom set, I’ve always hated that they make you buy the headboard because I don’t really like the headboard/footboard idea. It’s kind of a ‘thing’ I have with things being over my head. I always felt that […]

Turn the Lights Up

Our bedroom is a room we spend the most time in, so choosing the right lighting to use is key. Lighting can impact so many things, our mood, amount of rest, and our ability to see. Traditionally, lamps are usually […]