No we’re not talking bologna, we’re talking the biggest award show honoring actors/actresses, directors, producers, and crews in the movie industry. If you’ll be home watching the show, try these cocktails for your Oscars watch party. Each drink representing the letters […]

Unconventional Valentine

Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and many restaurants will be booked and flower shops will run out of roses. But why be so predictable and follow the crowd. Be daring, be different! Venture out and try something different. When I […]

Wintry Wednesday | Mulling Spices

Now, I love winter and the holiday season is my favorite time of year. But in more than half of the country we are having an unseasonably warm December. It’s making it a little difficult for some people to get […]

Merry Monday | Winter Solstice

So today is the shortest day of the year, also known as the Winter Solstice. Today we have the fewest hours of daylight because the sun on our sky’s dome reaches its farthest southward point for the year. In the U.S. […]

Fabulous Friday | Lemon Crafted

Many of you may or may not know that lemon is one of my favorite flavors. It doesn’t have to be summer to enjoy the lovely citrus fruit. Whether you’re cooking or creating a cocktail, using fresh fruits and vegetables […]