Wintry Wednesday | To Grandmother’s House We Go

During the holidays I usually eat dinner at my grandmother’s house. She always has a huge dinner spread, as usual, with something for everyone. A little history on my grandmother… My grandmother is the reason I gained an interest in […]

Tasty Tuesday | Holiday Festivities

Pretty soon the holidays will be over and things will go somewhat back to normal. But if you’ve been procrastinating in decorating your tree, here may be some help with how to make it go by a little smoother and […]

12 Cocktails in 12 months

11.20.15 In a random conversation, the subject of trying something new came to talking about new cocktails. So what came out of the conversation to try new things, we will be doing one new cocktail each month for the next […]

Southern Style Greens

10.10.15 So I was at the market and saw collard greens on sale. I have been wanting some for a while, and decided to make some via the G. Garvin recipe I tried a few years ago for Thanksgiving. When […]

Harvest Tomato Soup

9.17.15 Fall is here and my favorite comfort food is in demand with the chilly temperatures, Soup! I love a warm soup, no matter the season. They are simple, warm, and are served in one dish. But with the harvest […]