Merry Monday | Christmastime is Here

The holiday is less than one week away! Are you just as excited as I am? Well I can’t wait for Christmas to get here. I just love the holiday and hanging out with family and friends. It is the […]

Merry Monday | Festive Libations

On this first Merry Monday of the holiday season, what better way to start than with a refreshing holiday beverage. Whether an adult version or virgin, it’s always fun to be festive I love cranberries almost as much as I […]

Fall is Falling

This year, I am super excited to see fall come around. This summer Fall is my favorite season, but for a myriad of reasons. The colors are great, the food is comforting, the brisk weather is a welcomed change from […]

Happy Leap Year

Well today is February 29th, which means this is a leap year. I often wondered why we had a leap year when I was younger, but never really got an answer that eased my curiosities. After reading the reason behind […]


No we’re not talking bologna, we’re talking the biggest award show honoring actors/actresses, directors, producers, and crews in┬áthe movie industry. If you’ll be home watching the show, try these cocktails for your Oscars watch party. Each drink representing the letters […]