Day of Love

Valentine’s Day is probably one of the most lucrative greeting card days of the year. I am also one who thinks that you should show those you love that you love them more than just one day on the calendar. I think it’s fine to shower your love with gifts, but make sure this day isn’t the only one you show your love.

We all need love, whether it’s from parents, siblings, family members, partners, lovers, friends, or spouses. Love is universal and a basic human need. It helps with a lot of development, basic relationship, and social skills.

Me and Grandpa

As an event planner, I have seen couples really get bent out of shape over minor details and lose focus on what the goal was for planning. I am big on keeping the focus on the love and sharing that love with their family and friends. It is my job to make that day special without the stress and frustration that can come with planning. That’s what the professionals are for, to alleviate the stress from the process.

Getting to the Chapel

So when you are planning a big dinner out or buying candy and flowers, remember love spans beyond February 14. Have a wonderful day and night everyone!