Friday Favs | April 14, 2017

So throughout the past few weeks, I have found so many random everyday things that have been inspiring. Things that I didn’t even really think of as inspiring. One thing it has taught me to do is see the beauty in unusual places or things. So I decided to share them with you every week

  1. Williams-Sonoma Spring Plates: These floral patterns are so pretty but simple. I don’t usually like a lot of floral prints, but these are fresh and bright. Just love their patterns and the colors. It goes great for a spring dinner or even Easter dinner.
  2. Shriaz Events new logo: I may be late to the party, but one of my idols in event planning/production is Shai of Shiraz Events. And this week I saw their new logo and I love it! From a design perspective, it’s clean and concise. Great job!
  3. Shanghai Starbucks Tasting Room: This new Starbucks in Shanghai will be one of the most stylish ones I’ve ever seen. Wish we had these in the states. This design is gorgeous!
  4. Farrow and Ball Off-black Paint: Black is a favorite color of mine, but this color is such a dream. I saw it earlier this week and I’ve been trying to find a way to use it somewhere!
  5. Lastly, saw this on Town & Country and thought it looked gorgeous! I like food and beverages that are stunning in appearance. This is the Ramsom cocktail spin on the Gibson cocktail. Plus, it’s simple. Here’s the recipe:2 oz of Juniper Sake
    1 oz Dolin Dry Vermouth
    Half bar spoon of pickling liquid from pickled ramps
    Stir all on ice and strain into coupe.
    Garnish with pickled ramp

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter!