Headboard or No Headboard

When choosing a bedroom set, I’ve always hated that they make you buy the headboard because I don’t really like the headboard/footboard idea. It’s kind of a ‘thing’ I have with things being over my head. I always felt that using pillows to decorate a bed was just as good. Now there are some headboards that I like, but not for myself.


A traditional headboard can be classic and minimal, like this tufted headboard. It’s in a lush fabric that makes it look luxurious and very fashionable. It’s also practical and actually pretty cool.


This rustic and romantic look is pretty and looks very comfortable. This headboard isn’t all that bad to me, but the extra birdcage above it seems a bit much. I also would use some other material than wood. Just a fear of getting a splinter in my sleep. Crazy I know.


Visually this bed is pretty and very colorful. For me, the curtains make this more claustrophobic. I like the design, but would not be able to sleep with this. I love the use of the bold color behind the bed. It makes the bed stand out and more of a focal point of the room. The added native rug in front of the bed adds to the character of the bed.

You can have a chic bed without a headboard. I think it leaves for more creativity really when it comes to making your bed look stylish and comfortable. Pillows can add so much character to a bed, and less structured. That makes the bed look more comfortable and inviting. ar121427160015812

A more traditional look can be achieved without a headboard. This look is kept traditional with the use of the wood panels above the bed, and their gold accents help keep the look stylish. Simple bedding and colorful pillows help define the bed’s structure and place in the room.


Being creative and thinking outside the box is key when you don’t have a headboard. These painted hanging paper cranes is both visually beautiful, but also creative in defining the space above the bed. Also, the use of perspective is very unique in this space as well. The larger lamp on a shorter side table on the open side of the bed, and the smaller, higher side table with the smaller lamp on the side of the bed with less space is carefully planned.

This perspective helps to add space to the side with less space and not draw attention from the side of the bed with the most space. Very creative and stylish at the same time.


I love a minimalist look. Simplicity is one of the most calming and inviting looks to me. Less is more! The abstract painting above the bed adds enough character to the room so there is no need for fussy decorations. This looks like the perfect place to spend a lazy weekend.

Whether you have a headboard or not, be stylish with your design choices. Stay creative and make sure it makes you want to never leave the bed. That’s how you know you have a successful bed design.