Paczki Day

Today is Fat Tuesday! Traditionally today marks the day before the season of Lent begins. Here in metro Detroit, we celebrate this day of fatty foods and delicious delights with paczki (paczek in singular form)! Paczki are similar to a doughnut, but with an awesome variety of fillings. The simple route would be lemon, cherry, custard, or chocolate. But if you are daring, you try flavors like rosehip, cookie crunch, and new for 2016, peaches and cream.

Variety of Paczki

There’s a little Michigan town called Hamtramck, pronounced Ham-tram-ik, that was orginially settled by Germans, but was flooded with Polish immigrants when the Dodge Brothers opened their plant in 1914. To this day there are Polish bakeries that are flooded with block-long lines every Fat Tuesday for this coveted treat.

paczki lines

So if you are any where near a Polish bakery, be sure to get your paczki today. They go fast when bought fresh.

Happy Fat Tuesday!