Please Pardon Our Dust

As many of you may know, starting a business or maintaining validity in an ever changing economy can be difficult. Cultures shift just as attitudes in fashion, design, events, etc., and as an entrepreneur you must be able to ride the waves of a sometimes fickle business world. I have come to a fork in the road and I’ve found that there is a need for a business shift.

broom sweeping

Like many of you I follow other blogs and trends.  I know my market and my audience and as I look to expand my reach I have to fall in line with shifting trends and ideas.  Too often we put ourselves in a box to make sure we stay focused but the millennials have the right idea, there is no box. So, I am reassessing the focus of Ke Event Designs and in short, rebranding.  While in this transition you may find that there are a few changes here and I hope you, my loyal readers, will stay with me through this necessary shift.  Hey, it’s the world of business! It’s entrepreneurship, it’s growing with the times and I hope you will grow with me.