Pinspiration: Bathrooms

This week’s pinspiration comes from a room that is probably the most used room in any household and sometimes overlooked from a design standpoint. Bathrooms get a lot of wear and tear over time, but I think there should be great care in designing a bathroom that is relaxing and somewhere to feel comfortable.

This tub looks glorious! I don’t like baths that much, but this looks like it is straight out of a spa. Bringing the relaxation into the home. The 3D wall treatment is truly a focal point. It brings texture to the room.

This vanity is classic and traditional with a vintage feel. The vanity looks like it has always been there. Everything else was added to compliment the vanity. The simple tile and sink just add to the focus on the vanity as a main showpiece in this bathroom.

I just love the floors in this bathroom. I also appreciate the use of the radiator as a towel rack. It has dual purposes! The glass shower door makes for a seamless view of the tile work.

I love the use of unique materials in spaces. You wouldn’t think of using metal on a wall in a bathroom, but this metallic tile work is stunning and pretty practical. The colors are great and adds texture. Great focal point too.

I think I am pretty keen on seamless shower doors. I like that the focus is on the beauty of the tile and not accessories. Tiling is such a craft, it should be admired and seen, not covered up by a shower curtain.

This use of storage space is pretty to look at and functional. Functional is always good in a bathroom. Especially if it is a shared bathroom with two or more people. When everything has a place, it makes for a less chaotic space that is easy to maneuver while getting ready in the morning/evening.

Talk about a focal point. This floor is the first thing you see in this all white bathroom. The brown and golden touches are unexpected but fitting. I do not usually like such bold tile, but this works to me.

This tile work is really interesting to me. The mix of patterns and shapes seem to work. The tile on the front of the tub is an interesting touch. I just like the color theme and how it works with different textures and patterns.

Now this is one of my favorites. The floor pattern speaks to me. It’s rustic but still simple. The shower door is what I truly find unique and a huge focal point. I love the tub because of its vintage feel, but That shower door…the skylight above the shower just gives the shower more focus and draws your attention in. This bathroom is really stylish, rustic, but truly an example of good design.

What are your must-haves in a bathroom. What item or design element can you not live without. Check out the entire board for more pinspiration here.