Pinspiration: Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2018

There are an endless number of colors in the world, and paint companies have narrowed down somehow one color to trend for the year ahead. Benjamin Moore is no exception. The Color of the Year 2018 for Benjamin Moore is Caliente (AF-290).

Say hello to the bold and beautiful Caliente from Benjamin Moore. It’s bright and makes a statement for sure. Any shade of red stands out in any room. Red definitely makes an impact on a room. This shade is very rich and luxurious, but still could be practical enough for multiple room usage.

Red is always an attention grabber. This color would definitely get the attention of passersby and add a ton to the curb appeal of your home. Especially if it was used as an accent color on a home. Your home would stand out among all the other homes on the block. Definitely the envy of the neighborhood.

In a front hall, Caliente would surely bring a ton of life to a usually overlooked area of the home. We don’t dote on our hallways, so

This is a dramatic dining room with a sharp contrast using white. The soft curves of the chairs pair well with the bold and bright color. Using white on the trim softens the boldness of the color, and adds just the right amount of absence of color.

Caliente is definitely a great option for an accent wall. In fact, I would almost definitely use this as an accent color to a more muted or neutral color in a room.

With more warm tones, the color actually isn’t so bold. It works well with warm toned wood, giving a little more warmth to the kitchen. The bold color is welcoming and a conversation starter for sure.

I would have never thought of using red in a bathroom, but the shine on the walls of this bathroom brings so much drama and glamour that you just can’t go wrong with this. The chandelier is my favorite part of the room. It just makes the whole room sparkle.

This study is small, but this red would actually work in a small space. Most the time it isn’t ideal to use a bright and bold color in a small space, for fear of making the room seem smaller than it is. But in the case of this study, using a bold color will help to create a cozy and inviting space.

This is a unique way to add color and  curb appeal to a home. Using a bold color on a garage definitely adds some drama to the backyard of this home. Especially using white on the doors and trim. It would also work on a she-shed or studio space in a backyard.

Now using the Caliente on a whole house is bold. It isn’t for everyone, but it definitely could be a winner. This house is the right size, but if it were bigger the bold color wouldn’t work as well. Too much of a bold color would seem unnecessary and pretty tacky. This house is perfect for such a bold and bright color.

Here is the entire board for more inspiration. What ways would you use Caliente in your home or office? Share pictures if you have tried this color anywhere.

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