Pinspiration: Christmas in July

Ok, so I know it’s still summer and temps are nowhere near those around the holidays. But who can resist a little mid-year holiday cheer. I love Christmas, and anything related to the holidays, so this week’s pinspiration comes from thinking of the holidays.

So what’s winter without hot chocolate. Put these treats out and see how many combinations you can add to make your cocoa that much greater!

These glittered pears are so heavenly! I love all things glitter, and these are so simple and inexpensive. Dollar store plastic pears and some modpodge and glitter…poof! Literally.

This is the coolest idea for changing up wrapping gifts for the holiday. This may not work in our home because most of our names start with the same letter, but we can get a little creative I think. This is just so creative and actually cost effective. Can’t go wrong with that.

This is a great idea for a holiday party or just in any room commonly used. It will bring some cheer every time someone walks in. Just a great reminder that it is the holidays and be merry!

So I have to start soon gathering the ornaments for this decor project. I would love to try this for the holidays this year. There is a Christmas store not far from me, maybe I should take a visit in September to start getting some ornaments together.

Smell is a very important sense, and there are a lot of scents that make me feel warm and merry during the holidays. A potpurri with real fruits and spices is sure to welcome any guest or just give you some holiday cheer. I have done this a few times, and you can use whatever things you already have and whatever scents you like. It’s pretty simple.

So this is another craft that feeds the glitter soul. It is also pretty simple too. Buy some green trees, soak in Clorox, add glitter…poof (again)! This is another project I want to try, but will have to find somewhere to put these in the house.

This is a totally neat idea! Not sure what I would use these for…maybe add them to Christmas and holiday cards. But I like this because it’s a clever use.

The inside shouldn’t be the only place you decorate. This is a cool and simple way to decorate your porch for the holidays. This looks pretty easy and inexpensive to try. We will see how it withstands the Michigan winter weather.

You can’t neglect your nails for the holiday. This is a fun and sparkly way to show your holiday spirit. I love the sparkles, but the snowflake design is fun! This is definitely a must try this Christmas.

I know we have 5 months before Christmas, but you can never start planning too early. However you celebrate, be merry and bright. Check out the entire board here.