Pinspiration: Closets

I have a project I want to work on, but the logistics of it have been bothering me a little. I have a small closet that has a deep “hole” that I feel is wasting so much space. This week’s pinspiration is closet organization. I am pretty good with keeping the clutter down of things that go unused, but I have shoes and handbags that are a little overwhelming. I have been trying to come up with a way to solve this space that’s really being underutilized in my closet.

I counted how many shoes I have and this little contraption seems to cover what I have. Maybe I could put some of my handbags in where there aren’t any shoes. I have a total of 24 pairs of shoes, and maybe about the same amount of bags.

I like the drawers, but I don’t really need more drawers. Maybe if I think of things to fold that don’t need to be on hangers, but really this is not a solution for the shoe dilemma I have. I like having two bars though. What I really like is the hangers. Once I figure out the color I’m going to paint the closet, I’ll determine a hanger color/concept.

This shelving solution may work. They are adjustable and as long as I could find a shorter shelf, I will have a plan. Still have to find a place for my handbags, but maybe a shelf separating system will suffice if I can get the shoes off the floor and out of boxes.

I love a well organized space, big or small. I like how this space is well put together even though it is pretty small and narrow for a walk in. Neat space.

Totally different project, but same concept…storage and organization. Our linen closet always seems to get those junk baskets in them. I have to clean it out once or twice a year. I need a better solution to keep it from getting cluttered in the first place.

This closet would be ideal, but not realistic in my world. I think I have too many clothes for this set up. Ha! Never thought I would say that, but it’s neat and nicely put together. Love it!

This is my dream closet! Small enough to make sense, but big enough to be a place of retreat and solitude getting ready. People don’t really understand how much effort goes into getting ready. The older you get ,the more effort goes into getting ready.

Hope you were inspired to get organized with the new season arriving and all. Here is the link to the full board for all the inspiration and tips.


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