Pinspiration: Dining Rooms

This week’s pinspiration comes from a room that some overlook or never use, except for holidays of course. The dining room is one of those rooms that can make a statement in a home. Growing up, our dining room was used to do homework, eat dinner for special occasions and Sundays, and celebrations. There were special memories created there and in the eye of design, why not make your memories fashionable. Here are some of the swankiest dining rooms that have inspired me this week.

This room is chic and stylish, with a little bit of tradition. I love the shape of the chairs too! The mixture of patterns and textures from floor to ceiling is consistent and impactful, but tastefully added.

This dining room is pretty traditional, but simplicity works for many people. Clean lines, nothing fussy, just simple pieces and color schemes. I do love the added texture n the chairs though. It contrasts the rug and mimics the pattern on the chandelier shades.

This room is a unique take on the 70s mirrored wall trend. I think it’s different, and takes on more of a window effect. The detail on the chairs is phenomenal! The large hooks add such style. The drama of the chandelier draws the attention up first, then you look down at the the table and have more drama to see.

You can’t forget about accessories! I love side buffets that have a bold statement. It’s one of those things in the room that commands your attention. Growing up we had a large wood buffet, and I loved setting it up for holidays. It was where we kept the food and that’s always where the party begins. This buffet in black is a great addition to this stunning and bright room. Decorating it with fruit keeps it simple for everyday purposes.

Talk about a room with a view. This room has my kind of view…the kitchen. It may not be a self contained dining room, but it is in an important part of the home. The kitchen is where the heart of the house is. Using the kitchen as the main eating area is just common sense. This midcentury modern space is looking into a minimalistic modern space. Just love the colors and lines of this room.

Ok, so this may be a better example of a room with a view. This minimalist dining room with a gorgeous city view is stunning. So much so, you do not even need much decor. I love looking out of a window looking at a cityscape.

This room is simple, but has it’s pops of WOW! The gray chairs with the two patterned chairs anchor the table very well. The kicker is that the fabric from the chairs is the same one used for the drapes. Pure genius design.

This room is not for the plain or minimalist. It packs a punch of color. The shades of turquoise are bold but still elegant. The lamps stand out the most. The light aqua on the chairs paired with a brown gingham really adds a layer of unexpected delight.

This last room is gorgeous from the floor to the ceiling. Every detail is worth praise. The ceiling, has a rustic quality, but being white makes it simple and understated. The chandelier, is truly a spectacle on it’s own. The thin glass bulb shades are delicate and classy, but kind of are reminiscent of champagne flutes. Perfect for a dining room. The wallpaper pattern is striking but not distracting. The drapes are rich and deep, fitting for any dinner setting. The table is large and has strong features. The pattern of the wood on the table top actually complements the pattern on the rug. Yes that’s a rug. It looks like a herringbone pattern floor, but it’s a rug! Clever. The chairs are my favorite part of this room. The color, the fabric, the lines and the gold. All the parts of these chairs is chic and rich.

Dining rooms can be showpieces. Check out the whole board here.