Pinspiration: Easter Tables

Easter is this Sunday and it crept up kind of quick. Well, whether you are feeding your¬†whole family, your immediate family, or just a few friends, you have to have your table ready to welcome guests. This week’s inspiration is on the Easter table. You can take the theme out the park or keep it simple, but here is what I found as inspiration for all table types.

This white themed table is pretty simple with touches of geometric patterns. I particularly love the marble runner and the pitcher used as a flower centerpiece. The patterns are subtle, but impactful. This table is all about simplicity.

Ok, so one thing we had to do in culinary school was learn how to manage front-of-the-house operations in a restaurant. In doing that, we had to work on napkin folds. This was one thing I loved to do. So much that I actually chose to be over the Easter dinner setting. My set up is below, but just remember fun things like a fancy (but usually the folds are simple to do) napkin fold can add a special touch for your guests.

My easter table set up from school

Looking at my table now, I miss doing napkin folds and dining room set up! It was always so fun.

Decorating for an Easter dinner doesn’t have to be fussy. You can use simple items like colored eggs. Something simple and easily accessible. If you’re going to already color eggs, why not do a few more for a simple and festive centerpiece. Placed on a cake stand in a crafted nest, it’s perfect!

Now this grassy centerpiece is fun and still simple. Adding plastic eggs you can get at any dollar store or craft shop just makes things easy but still is a little more “dressed up” and springy. If you take the eggs out, you could still use this for a spring table centerpiece.

I always have loved mixing and matching place settings. It seems more natural and is a little rustic. The feel of using what’s special rather than using what matches. No family is perfect and we acquire pieces that are meaningful to us, but may not match the other pieces you have. Using special pieces makes the table seem more inviting. You can use all one style, but just using what you have is fine to me.

Again, simplicity is always a winner. Clean lines and simple settings make for a very modern table. I love the long rectangle centerpiece. Adding moss to it gives it a pop of color and some spring vibes. This can last throughout the spring season, not just Easter.

This simple centerpiece of wrapped pastel tulips is perfect for any spring dinner. Especially an Easter one. This would make a great hostess gift as well. Can’t go wrong with tulips in spring.

This centerpiece idea I just love because it’s rustic and simple. The white flowers in a stone planter is just enough for any dinner or just for everyday beauty.

Whatever your plans are for this Sunday, enjoy those you are sharing it with and remember to keep it simple. Share with me your favorites! Here is the full Pinterest board.