Pinspiration: Gardens

It’s gardening season, and the weather has been very cooperative. When I was little, I would go to my grandmother’s gardens with her to harvest, maintain, and plant new plants. I was allergic to a lot of the pesticides, but it was still fun being outside in the fresh air. I would help bag the vegetables and fruits she harvested and prepare them for canning. She had a huge under-the-stairs pantry cabinet that she had nothing but canned fruits and vegetables.

It’s a little difficult to garden a full garden when renting, but it’s not totally impossible. I am thinking of starting a container garden with herbs that I love to cook with, and maybe adding some potted flowers as well. Being outside is so relaxing and peaceful, gardening and yard work can be zen. This week’s pinspiration are gardens that¬†create spaces of inspiration and peace.

This garden uses the unique concept of buried potted plants. I guess this would help control roots from choking other plants’ roots, but very clever. Can also help with weed issues. Your weeds may only be around the plant in the pot. Also, I like the look of the exposed pot lips, it adds some decorative appeal.

So, this is inspirational because it is probably what I have in my head for a container garden, but I don’t have anywhere ¬†near that much space or the skill set to create such a vision. Although, I could probably manage something a little smaller and more feasible for my space and capabilities.

Now this garden is just peaceful and inspirational to look at. The pond and the lush shaded area would be a perfect place to read, write, or just sit and think. I personally love water, so this would be a perfect place to just simply be.

This path would be perfect for a walk. Although for someone with severe allergies like myself, it would be intimidating, but honestly I would brave the sneezes for this view. Just take an allergy pill first.

Again, water is a huge motivator for me, so this area with stepping stones in a pond is ideal for getting some inspiration. I could just imagine sitting here with my feet in the water on a warm summer day, while writing down some inspirations and creative thoughts.

This table would be a perfect place to have a cup of coffee in the morning with the sun shining. I am not big on a lot of flowers, but they add some interest and color. This would also be a great place to write or find some creative inspiration.

Finally, this place just looks magical. The picturesque fog and perfectly manicured hedges are what you expect to see in a storybook tale. I am not really big on laying in grass, largely because of my allergies, but this place really calls for a random stop and sit moment.

I hope that even if you are not the gardening type, you get out of doors this spring/summer and enjoy some fresh air. Start a garden, big or small, plant some flowers, or just mow your lawn. Our air is so important and vital to our mood and well-being, enjoy it and share it with others. We have to really get back to human contact and communication. Before technology, we were a more social culture. Go outside! Play well with others.

Here is the full board with more inspiration.