Pinspiration: Hello Autumn!

So fall starts tomorrow. In Detroit, it doesn’t feel anywhere near like autumn. I love the cool crisp weather, so I’m kind of bummed with the 85+ temperatures this week. So this week’s pinspiration is fall inspired. All thing autumn.

Hello Autumn…sort of.

My favorite things about fall is the colors and changing leaves. Michigan has some of the most beautiful color changes I’ve seen. I’m sure other places have great color change, but I may be a bit biased with the mitten state.

Another thing I love about fall is the layers. Sweaters are the best accessory! You can have them as jackets and pullovers. I love the warmth of a good sweater. It’s a lot like finding a good coat or handbag. They become timeless pieces of your wardrobe.

Speaking of warmth. Throws are also a key essential for the fall and winter seasons. My favorite is cable knit, with fleece as a close second favorite. Of course throw pillows in lush fabrics are a must as well. Plaid patterns are my favorite.

You can’t forget the imagery of the season. The colors, the shades, and all the scenery that comes along with the fall season is just beautiful to look at. Fall is my favorite time to be outdoors, well except for spring.

There are also some amazing scenery indoors as well. Looking out onto the beautiful trees is something that I love doing. When going down the street, seeing the gradual change of the color of the trees is gorgeous. Looking out the back window and seeing the trees in our yard change is pure peace. This image is one of zen.

Fall is nothing more than the hush before winter. Winter can be brutal and more brisk than the fall, so enjoy it before the snow and cold take over.

Here is the full board for more inspiration!

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