Pinspiration: Home Design Details

Design is something that can be translated thousands of ways. Design means something different to everyone. Design is subjective. I would like to think my design style is vintage modern. I love clean lines and open spaces, but I love the mix of old elements added to create a comfortable but livable room. Focusing on home styling, here is some inspiration that

So I love shiplap as much as the next person, but putting it on the ceiling is truly ingenious. The fact that the room is white and the color is added to the ceiling just draws your eye up. Placement of the mirror was well thought out. The reflection of the ceiling makes the room seem bigger and adds dimension.

Speaking of dimension, this patterned tile wall in an adjoining room adds depth and another layer of interest. It’s a pretty bold pattern, but still simple enough to be versatile with other design choices in the space. Love the visual interest more than anything. Could talk about the pattern for hours.

This image is inspirational for different reasons. From a design perspective, the mix of textures is varied but are perfect together. The dark paint works on the wall because there is so much light and white around the rest of the room, it creates a focal point. The gold wall decor is probably my favorite thing in this image. Simple lines made to create an art piece. From an artistic perspective, the angle of this image is truly stunning.

I am loving all things gold when it comes to decor accents. It seems to class things up. Give a space, or bar, a stylish look that regular paint or tile can’t always achieve. This gold bar is such a stand out feature to this space. Definitely a conversation piece.

I love when design can serve two purposes. This railing not only serves as the design feather for the stairs, but with daylight, the pattern that appears on the wall creates an art piece. Just stunning!

You can’t really go wrong with a statement piece in a room. A lot of times people are afraid to be bold and choose a different color sofa, and one with a unique fabric choice is a bigger shock. This blue velvet sofa is stunning, and still looks comfortable. Making bold choices can sometimes pay off.

This is not only visually stunning, it’s pure genius design. True craftsmanship with this seamless design feature. Again, the gold accent sticks out on the bar front, but to continue the design to the floor is just stunning and draws your eye up. You can’t help but follow where the pattern leads.

What’s your favorite part of design. What design feature speaks to you most. Check out the full Pinterest board here.