Pinspiration: The Blues

I have noticed that I am becoming more keen on blues in a decorating sense. Usually I lean more towards blacks and neutrals with pops of bright colors. Lately though, I have been more keen on shades of blue. Especially rich and deep tones like navy or midnight blues. I have been considering a rich turquoise color for my bedroom closet, but I am still trying to make sure it is the color I want to live with. My mom used a couple of shades of blue when she had her house repainted a few months ago, and I would love to use one of them for something too. I just have to live through these images until I determine what I want to do/use.

So this week’s pinspiration comes from the many shades of blue and how they can be used in different parts of the home. Here were some things I came across that are truly inspiring for some projects I want to work on.

So this pillow just looks pretty and sparkly. But the richness of the turquoise in the pillow is what is so inspiring. Similar to the color I was looking at for my closet. But the pillow is just pretty.

Sometimes I think people often forget about, or don’t even think about, the front door when they think of updating their homes. Front doors are the first thing your guests see when they come to visit. Why not let it make a statement. I like this door because it isn’t too in your face, but definitely makes a statement.

And with that, why not let the whole house make a statement. I love seeing homes in deep blue tones. It makes everything else pop around the house. With white trim, it makes a bold but subtle statement. It is almost coastal, but it reminds me of a classic style and look.

Inspiration can come from all around us. Even foods. I love this color palette though. It’s muted and calming, but still stylish. Would be a great inspiration for a kitchen or family room.

I love the mix of blue and white, especially on tiles with a Latin or Mediterranean feel. Blue and white patterns have been used for centuries on tiles, but for me it just looks classic and vintage to me. Love it!

It seems that wallpaper is coming back, and in a very chic way. This deep navy wallpaper with a gold design is simple, but gorgeous. It’s a statement all by itself.

Again, inspiration can come from everywhere. This gorgeous view of the Indian Ocean in Kenya, Africa is simply stunning. There are so many shades of blue in nature, we don’t have to look far for inspiration for sure.

I like this room because it’s bold, masculine, and vintage. The kilim style rug is grounding for the big leather chair. Brings a pop of color to the room with a lot of dark colors. The throw on the chair adds a soft touch with a simple pattern.

This room is a little more traditional. Classic blue and white again, but just translated a little differently. This room looks classic but comfortable. I love that the white is a little bit off white and not a stark contrast to the muted blue. The see-through table makes the view of the room unobstructed. My favorite part of this room is the pillows. Love the different patterns and color.

Finally, this beautiful window is the focal point of this bathroom. Reminds me of a church window, but you don’t need anything else in this room to accent it. The window says it all. Looks divine!

I hope you found some inspiration or some ideas for your space. Here is the full board. Enjoy and be pinspired!