Pinspiration: Travel

Ok, so the summer is coming, and many people travel during the summer months with family or to enjoy the weather somewhere different than home. There are places that I want to go that I have on my bucket list, and the imagery from those places are generally what have drawn me to them. So, I started a board a few years ago of places I wanted to visit and the images that inspire me. I am not a beach person, so most of the places I want to go are for the scenery and historical significance. This week’s pinspiration is a few of the places I would like to go one day.

Tiani Mountain – China

I think I saw this place in the National Geographic magazine as a kid. My grandfather is a long time subscriber, so I always was amazed by the images they had in that magazine. Made me want to go to some of the farthest places on the planet without any hesitation. The grand scale of this mountain is enough to make you just want to see this in person for yourself.

Santorini Coast – Greece

My name is an ancient Greek city, and I have always been drawn to the area. My grandmother went to Greece when I was younger, and I was so jealous of her photos. They were so stunning, and the Santorini coast has always been a place on my bucket list of places to travel.

Kayaking in Croatia

I love water, and I would suck up my fear of deep water to go kayaking in this peaceful cavernous area. This looks so peaceful and inviting. Like you could just sit there all day and kayak at your own pace.

Amalfi Coast – Italy

I have always loved Italian food, so naturally I wanted to go to the source of the goodness. When I went to culinary school, the desire grew. For some reason, the Amalfi coast was a place that stuck out to me because of the cuisine and the views from the coastline. Who wouldn’t want sit on the cliffs of the coast and watch the sea and feel the breeze. The saltiness of the air would be amazing in the summer.

7 Wonders – Great Wall – China

Who doesn’t want to go see the 7 Wonders of the World. The Great Wall of China has been one that I have wanted to see since middle school. The history of the Wall was intriguing, and the fact that it’s still standing strong after ages is amazing. To be on that wall and envision what those people went through to build and protect their home.

Temple Complex of Bagan – Myanmar

I love learning about other religions and cultures. So I saw this image and was immediately drawn by intrigue. Being surrounded by so many temples would probably be sensory overload, but it would be so worth the experience. This temple complex in Bagan, Myranmar would be a perfect trip for a little soul searching and exploration.

These are just a few images that captured my attention of places to visit. Check out the entire board here. Enjoy!