Pinspiration: Zen Spaces

In this day and age, we all have to take time to relax and regroup. This week’s pinspiration comes from the idea of creating a zen space in your home or even backyard. There are so many options for making a peaceful place that I just had to share some of the ideas that caught my attention.

I love the use of natural materials indoors. Great lines create a cozy space. The poofs just add to the minimalist look.

As someone with Native American roots, I naturally have an affinity for dreamcatchers, so this gives me all the feels! The stones just add to the beauty of this space, not to mention the aura in the room.

Can’t forget the outdoors. For a nature lover like myself, being outdoors is a stress reliever on its own. To have a zen outdoor space would just be heaven! Doesn’t take much to make a quiet space outside, but this is a good simple start.

A quiet space can be as small as a corner in a room. Doesn’t take much but a few cushions and some sage. And of course some natural light.

Certain stones are said to possess certain qualities that cleanse the energy in a space. Doesn’t hurt if they’re pretty too. I really think this display is cool and decorative. Doesn’t look forced.

Now this is an outdoor space that is doing the most! Probably not ideal for me, but truly looks the zen part. I love water and it brings me peace, so this is a dream space for sure. Would be great for meditating and just being still.

If you don’t have a lot of space to spare, like myself, adding some zen pieces to your room could help create a more peaceful space.

Again, it doesn’t take much to create a zen space. These colorful rugs create some definition to the area. The tribal patterned rugs and cushions bring the area together. I love the simplicity of this space. It’s simple yet stands out.

Here is the full board for more inspiration.

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