Reflective Sunday | Memorial Day Weekend Edition

techno phone home

This weekend marks a three day holiday weekend, and what some consider the kickoff to summer. Here in Detroit, it’s the kickoff to festival season and a weekend dedicated to techno music. Techno music, for those who may not know, was born in Detroit and every Memorial Day weekend Movement Electronic Music Festival (formerly known as Techno Fest) house heads, myself included, from all over the globe set sail to downtown Detroit for 3 days of international musicians and DJs.


I remember my first Techno Fest was by happenstance of me being downtown and walking by Hart Plaza in the rain. I was stopped in my tracks with the urge to dance when I heard “Good Life” echoing off the buildings. I stopped in the pouring rain and danced to Inner City‘s entire set, and from then on I was hooked. Now in their 10th year of managing the festival, Paxahau has continued to provide Grade A talent from near and far to all the house heads.


Let’s not forget that Memorial Day is to honor our fallen soldiers. That is truly a gift and an honor to have men and women who take it upon themselves to protect us from international dangers.

So with that, enjoy your holiday weekend and honor a soldier while bouncing to some good old Detroit Techno!


Let there be House…