Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.

-Diane von Furstenberg

Ke Event Designs’ goal is to help your visions become reality.  Whether it is your home, office, or special event, your surroundings are important. Your environment determines your mood, so why not let us help you create the perfect space or event for you. We provide a variety of services for all of your design needs. We will give your space or event a style of it’s own.

event design

We provide event designing services to help bring your vision to life. Whether you have 15 or 1500 guests, we will make sure that the details are handled and your event runs smoothly. We will, but aren not limited to, provide the following:

  • Budget development + management
  • Logistics, production and event timeline
  • Venue and food + beverage menus
  • Supplier, vendor, + entertainment lists
  • Event theme planning
  • Design + décor planning
  • Floor plan development
  • Create seating plans/charts
  • Event day management + execution
  • Day of set-up and take down

special events, meetings, conferences, and showers

We also provide planning and coordination services for special events and meetings. Our attention to details and strength in vendor relations will ensure that your event runs smoothly and will be a success.

interior styling

Interiors are what make our surroundings feel like home or comfort. We can use what you already have in your space to give you a refreshed look. Or we could help you find the right pieces for your space and style. We provide, but are not limited to, the following service:

  • Refresh space using existing furniture + decor
  • Decor and finishing sourcing and suggestions
  • Dining table, shelving unit, + coffee table styling
  • Procurement of new furniture + décor
  • Flooring + lighting selections
  • New home purchase consulting and finish selections
  • Space planning + furniture layouts
  • Color consultations
  • Textile + color palette selections
  • Home staging for resale
  • Event + holiday decor and design

product sourcing

Find the right item for your home or office sometimes can be overwhelming, and you may not know where to start. We can help you find the right item for your home or office design project.

If you need help finding the right stage or set props we will help you find what works best for your project.

When selling your home the staging is important, and having the right layout could determine if you sell your home or not.

set + stage design

If you have a stage play, conference, or any entertainment performance, we can help make your stage presence memorable. We can help your show be a visual success. We will work to come up with a personalized set design, run of show, and logistics plan.

commercial/retail merchandise styling

If your small business or shop/boutique needs a boost for the new season or you are newly setting up shop, we can help create a stylish and professional look. We can help you with the following, but are not limited to:

  • Refresh space using existing fixtures, furniture + decor
  • Decor + fixture sourcing
  • Window, shelving unit, + waiting area styling
  • Flooring + lighting selections
  • New home purchase consulting and finish selections
  • Space planning + layout
  • Color consultations
  • Textile + color palette selections
  • Special event & holiday decor + merchandising