Spring in the Air

Happy Spring instagramWell my favorite season is finally here! I love springtime. It’s a time of renewal, growth, and new beginnings. And although the temperatures aren’t all that warm at the moment, the season will sure bring some milder temperatures and blooming flowers. Maybe some rain showers, but definitely a new landscape to admire in nature.

pink and navy spring outfit The warmer weather also brings about a wardrobe change. Less layers and lighter fabrics are a welcomed change. I hate wearing coats, so I look forward to wearing sweaters and jackets. Well, for a few weeks a coat can be quite fashionable, but now it is something that is truly irritating and very cumbersome! So, to be able to shed that extra layer to wear short sleeves again. Maybe a cardigan or wrap sweater.

black and camel office attireOk, maybe a light coat or trench. I love that we can get outside more too and enjoy the greening grass and budding trees, as well as the outdoor activities.

tan tunic white pants spring

Either way, spring is close and I cannot wait to dress accordingly. Are you excited to see the snow (or rain, depending on where you live) leave? Waiting for more sunshine and longer days? Get out the sunglasses and open-toe wedges, spring is almost here.