Spring is Here!

Today is the first day of spring! Spring is my favorite season, well first favorite with fall as a close second. Spring is when the trees and flowers bloom, the grass starts to grow green again, and the air becomes lighter and fragrant.

Coats will get lighter and so will the rest of our wardrobe. There is more daylight and warmer weather. What’s not to love about spring!

With the season change, it is a great time to refresh your home as well. Change your furniture around, paint an accent wall, or change the artwork on your walls.

I am thinking of a few projects I want to try this spring. Use my creativity for my own space. The one thing I am having a hard time choosing is a paint color. I love gray, but there are tons of different shades and it seems hard to pick just one. I think I have the perfect one though.

Sherwin-Williams – Online #7072

I am thinking this Sherwin-Williams color Online for my bedroom. It’s not too dark and will reflect light well. The room is a bit small and square, so I didn’t want to choose something too dark to make the space seem smaller. I did however thought I would use a bolder color in the closet. I found a color that I liked that is no longer in production, and I could get a color match but don’t want to take a chance and it not be exact. So I chose a color that was similar also from Sherwin-Williams. ┬áThe color is called Calypso and it is rich and bright.

Sherwin-Williams – Calypso #6950

I did try the two colors paired using the ColorSnap Visualizer on the SW site. What are your thoughts?

I think rearranging furniture just helps make things feel new and fresh. Spring cleaning is also a good way to bring some new life into your space. Invest in some colorful baskets or containers to help clear the clutter. Don’t over think it though. My rule is, if I haven’t used it in over a year throw it out/donate it/shred it/gift it.

Well get to cleaning/organizing! It’s spring and time to have a fresh start to the season.

Happy Spring!