Turn the Lights Up

Our bedroom is a room we spend the most time in, so choosing the right lighting to use is key. Lighting can impact so many things, our mood, amount of rest, and our ability to see. Traditionally, lamps are usually placed on bedside tables, but with technology and design advancing lighting has gone to a new level.


Don’t get me wrong, traditional lamps are functional and classic. They provide targeted lighting and can be pretty chic in design. Lamps can also provide a less harsh light than an overhead light creating a more calm and relaxed mood in the room.DP_Design-Development-midcentury-modern-bedroom-lighting-sconces_h.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.725

Wall sconces are another way to get bedside lighting and freeing up space on nightstands. They can be a little more unique and creative than a lamp, but still functional.

This retro designed sconce is vintage and futuristic at the same time. It also adds some visual interest to a basic white wall.


If you are more into a themed space, this romantic look is for you. The hanging lanterns give a soft light and create a romantic look. The pattern on the wall from light of the lantern adds depth and texture to the wall, and the room.

Hanging lanterns can give a Mediterranean or Moroccan feel to a room, creating a mood of leisure, romance, and exotic world travels.


Now, if you want to just be all the way modern and outside the box, you could go with something a little more designer chic and innovative. This under bed lighting system is one-of-a-kind and still functional. It provides a lighting need, but from a different perspective.

Floor lighting has always been somewhat intriguing. It is done in kitchens and hallways a lot, but may not be the first choice for a bedroom. It would take away the need for a lamp or wall sconce, but still provide a lighting option instead of using the overhead lighting.


Of course you could always go with something traditional but dramatic. My favorite is a chandelier. Chandeliers come in an array of sizes and shapes, but the traditional shape is best for a bedroom. I say go as big as you want depending on the size of your room. Hey, if you’re going for drama go big.

Whatever lighting style you choose, make sure that it adds character to your room and of course speaks to your style. The lighting should reflect the mood you want in your space, so choose wisely. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so keep the peace.