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Pinspiration: Holiday 2021

Check out this cool French farmhouse Christmas tour by Parisienne Farmgirl. I love the little details, they make this farmhouse so chic and cozy. I love this look from Pottery Barn. These twinkling twig trees are so simple, but pretty. Twinkling lights are my favorite. It would be so...
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Merry Monday | 12.6.21

This year it was hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit for some reason. This year has been a lot. 2020 was more than a lot. Dealing with life has had it’s challenges, but there has also been a lot of growth and progress. Discovering a new...
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Merry Monday | 11.25.19

So, for some reason, the holiday spirit has hit me harder than usual. I truly feel it all over. I’ve been planning out my decorations a little more, and really bringing the theme out in every aspect of life. I have loved Christmas since I was a child. My...
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