It’s Been a While… | 7.20.23

So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I think I had a little bit of writer’s block. After a conversation I had with an acquaintance, I am on the path to figuring out all the things I have going on in my brain. Finding your purpose is very important, but it can take a minute to figure out what you really need to be doing with your life. So, I decided to use a few prompts to get back into the groove of writing something or sharing things.

It is summer here in Detroit, although the weather seems to not have gotten the message with our cooler than normal temperatures. Either way, it is a time where the city comes alive a little more than other seasons. We are four seasons people here and will celebrate all seasons to the fullest, but summer seems to get a lot of visitors and locals alike outdoors more.

Although summer isn’t my favorite season, there are things that I like because they can only seem to be more memorable in the summer. My perfect summer day has two different versions. The first version is being out and about, exploring new places in the city on a sunny, but not super hot, day with someone special. There is so much to see, new places to go, and things to discover, that you can never say you are bored in Detroit in the summer. There are little nooks and crannies that you sometimes would only know if you are a local that are awesome to share with friends or loved ones.

Dequindre Cut Mural
Food Truck in Dequindre Cut
Corner Boy Cafe DCFY

My second version of the perfect summer day would be to go into nature and sit in the silence of the beautiful view of the water. Detroit has the #1 Riverwalk in the United States, so there are plenty of options to be near the water. Working near the riverwalk, I go walking during the week a lot. I love the peace and serenity of the water. My sign is a water sign, so it makes sense. There are some really peaceful parks near the water within some neighborhoods that I like to sit at and just be one with nature.

One park that I like is near my house, Belle Isle. Belle Isle has been around since 1879 as a park. History lesson: after the War of 1812, the island was the private estate of General Alexander Macomb until his appointment as the Commanding General of the US Army. The island is 982 acres, larger than New York’s Central Park, and was primarily designed by Frank Law Olmsted. The island pretty much has it’s own ecosystem and wildlife. I love to walk the serene Central Parkway and behind some of the buildings and racquetball courts. The island is beautiful in the mornings with the dew and the sounds of nature. Definitely a must see if you ever visit.

I know, I’m a nerd for history and I love my city, so I became a tour guide in 2009 and these facts are things that I have just learned. Anyway, I hope your summer is going well. We have not really had any hot days here in Detroit, but beautiful days to enjoy the sights and sounds of Detroit. It’s a city like no other.