Merry Monday |12.16.19

Christmas is 9 days away! It’s so exciting and I am really amazed at how jolly I have been this season. I generally love Christmas every year, but for some reason this year it is totally different. I have been watching Hallmark Christmas movies since they started in October. I started listening to Christmas music after my birthday (at the beginning of November, but that was for all kinds of different reasons).

I decorated everything with my awesome theme, that I mentioned a few weeks ago, and I think this year is truly more magical. The Christmas magic is different this year. I think maybe it has been more evident that with all the crazy going on in this world, this world needs a little bit of Christmas magic.

My job donated to a school in our area that my kids went to, and I met with the lady at the school responsible for the donations and items for the homeless families at the school. I have worked with this woman in the past, and she has a genuine heart and spirit. When my boss told me that he wanted me to contact her about how we can help, I just reassured him the faith I have in her. I took our donation to them and saw what her “elves” had accomplished, and I was floored! There were packages everywhere!! There were gift in all corners and on all the walls. There were some gifts that had not been wrapped yet.

It reminded me that I am blessed beyond measure, and that there are families with children who may not have a home this Christmas. It also shows me that there are still good people in the world. The world is a scary place sometimes, just watching the news is worse than a horror movie, but it has little sparks of light that give hope and optimism.

Christmas is a time for giving, and not just receiving gifts we put on a list. It is a time to give genuinely from your heart and to those who may need a little boost of hope.

Stay Merry + Bright! Be someone’s spark of hope.