Merry Monday | 12.2.19

Christmastime is Here!

Thanksgiving has come and gone. It is officially safe to go all out for Christmas!

It is my favorite time of year. I was excited to partake in the Black Friday frenzy, but I was really shocked at how calm things were in the malls and stores. I worked retail for over 16 years, and I think there was a shift once some stores started opening on Thanksgiving. I think that the fact that stores started to make the Black Friday deals last longer helped alleviate some of the frantic and craziness of what I saw as a kid.

Crazy Shoppers!

As a kid, there were news stories about people fighting in stores all over the country for the newest television deals or the season’s most popular toys. This year, I saw no lines or craziness. All the parking lots were fine and like a normal day.

Cadillac Lodge

But I did notice that Downtown Detroit was booming with people! The holiday markets we have pop up during the holidays were full of shoppers, the ice skating rink was packed, the stores along Woodward Ave. were all busy and people were in good spirits. That made me happy because I saw my city full of life and it was so good to see things so full of life. I hadn’t seen that since I was a kid.

Downtown Detroit Holiday Markets

The holiday season is upon us and I am truly excited! Have you started your Christmas shopping? You know there are a short amount of days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, so take advantage of all the deals and specials. Also, remember to shop your local businesses. They have great treasures.

So cheers to the Christmas season, and many more Merry Mondays!